Sabtu, 23 Mei 2015

Chinafix CF160 Hotair

Deskripsi :

Code : CF160
Price : 6000.000,-
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Omega thermosensor: 1pcs
PCB Thickness:0.5mm~4mm
PCB Size :80mm*80mm 415mm*325mm 
Heating Mode/Power(upper) :Hot-blast air /650W
Preheating Mode/Power:IR / 1200W
PCB Location Mode:Shape or Tongs
Driving Mode :Gear,Rack
Control Mode:Temperature Control Instrument
Temperature Range:Room temparature0~400°C
Main Power :2300W
Supply Voltage :110V/220V
Machine Dimension :530mm(L)×385mm(W)×500mm(H)
Machine Weight :22KG

CF160 Product Feature:

1.Three warm areas heating individually,upper and bottom warm area heating by hot blast-air,upper and bottom temperature control instrument can store 16 sections with 10 group temperature curve,it can be invoked at any time according to the different BGA.The bottom warm area heating by infrared,and the infrared region can be heated individually,it can adjust the heating area and output power according to the actual requirements.Temperature accuracy control about 1°C.
2.The upper warm area can be adjusted shuffling freely according to your requirements,and the second warm area can be adjusted up and down.
3.The external temperature measurement interface achieve the precision testing of temperature,it can analyse and collate the temperature curve actual collecting at any time.
4.Multifunctional PCB location holder can be moved to X direction,it's convenient and swift to locate PCB board and equipped with U type neck,crocodile clip,and pothook designed by ourselves,it's suitable to set up and locate all kinds of shapeless mainboard rapidly.
5.Equipped with highlight working light,to insure that working environment bright enough.
6.Using the high-power overflow fan,it can cool the PCB board rapidly,then improving working efficiency.
7.The ingenious boundary dimension,popular price is more suitable for using by minitype maintenance department.

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